Well Testing

Wells change every day. This service is provided to measure and record these changes. A well test is described as the measurement, under controlled conditions, of all factors relating to the production of oil, water, and gas from a well in a given length of time.

Techno Canada Inc. (TCI) provide our clients with data necessary for establishing production rates which prevent waste, and for allocating production between fields, and wells within individual fields. Although many well tests are performed to fulfill regulatory requirements, these and additional well tests are needed to properly manage the development of oil and gas reserves. Based upon the data provided we accurately calculate the reservoir characteristics like WOR/GOR, Reserves in Place, Zone Permeability, optimum Production rates, etc.

TCI ensures from the service provided the maximum daily income through its accurate results, which reflects the producing capability of each well on the lease.

Accuracy: TCI Production Services design and selection of test equipment, no matter how elaborate, is based upon certain fundamental requirements. All components should be sized so that anticipated maximum and minimum production will lie within the peak accuracy range of the equipment. The company's equipment confirm to field rules, and general regulatory requirements, as applicable.